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Challenging Times
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Across the country, newsrooms like yours are suffering. Facebook and Google are monopolizing the advertising that once supported college and local journalism — slowly killing these vital community resources.

We’re Spotlight. And we think it’s time to fight back.

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Reconnect with the Readers Who Love You

How can readers keep up with what’s happening on campus (or in their hometown) after they leave? Spotlight makes it easy for you to reconnect with them — and transform them into a lifetime audience. How? By giving readers a single gateway to the publishers they care about:

  • Their trusted college newspaper
  • Local papers from their hometown or college community
  • Local news covering where they live now
  • Specialty publications targeting their greatest passions, like college sports

Unlock the Reach Advertisers Value

The demographic you command is prized by advertisers, who struggle to reach millennials and GenZ through traditional mediums. By bringing this hard-to-capture audience together in one powerful online market, we create an irresistible vehicle for ad spend — and share it with you.

Increase your readership.
And turn it into meaningful revenue.

Who's On Spotlight?

100M+Highly Targeted Readers
5M+Students Nationwide
70+Participating Colleges

The Holy Grail: Revenue and ROI

Reach doesn’t fund newsrooms. Likes and shares are great, but they’re incredibly tough to monetize. So Spotlight makes it simple by sharing 70% of all ad revenues generated by your content directly with you.

Not a typo: 70% of ad revenues go to you.

Kiss Intrusive Ads Goodbye

Readers come to Spotlight for your content, not for clickbait or disruptive ads that get between them and the topics they care about. That’s why we limit ad placement to carefully selected locations that work organically with your content.

Keeping readers happy
is the name of the game

Analytics? We’ve Got You Covered.

Your Spotlight Publisher Dashboard offers instant one-stop shopping for data on your readers, tracking the performance of your content, identifying key trends, and monitoring your revenue. It’s all right here.

Unlock all the tools you’ll
need to thrive online.

Getting Started Is Simple.

Getting on Spotlight doesn’t require technical expertise or overhead. It only takes a few minutes to send us your RSS feed, set up your profile, begin publishing… and start saying hello to So. Many. New. Readers.

Have a paywall? No problem. Integration is seamless.

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